It is the policy of Cerveza Charters Ltd to tag and release all fish unharmed wherever possible.
It is always at the option of the client to land the fish and take it for weighing, but in doing so the client accepts ownership and responsibility for the onward transport or the disposal of the fish .
Cerveza Charters will assist as far as possible to refer clients to refrigerated transport, taxidermists, and processors . The client must make such arrangements directly with the service provider and will be directly responsible for all costs.

Clients need to be aware that commercial fishing companies cannot process Tuna that are caught without quota.

The crew can indicate if a fish bought to the boat is of a size and species that would make the fish a potential record candidate , whilst client can decide if he is prepared to take responsibility for the fish after weighing.

Cerveza Charters encourages the conservation of the fishery and discourages the taking of fish that will not be eaten or processed in a useful manner.