Cerveza II Fishing 2015 Season:

Important: For all dates & pricing please contact Dave on (027) 495 5474 or (03) 332 0069 or via the contact details on our Contact page

Standard Trips:

Standard trips include fishing gear, bait, lures, Skipper, Deck Hands and up to five anglers. Prices include meals as appropriate for the time of day and the duration of the charter.
Each charter will be provided with up to five loaded rods and reels including Dacron line, top-shot, wind on leader, lure and or bait and hooks. Additional charges may apply for re-spooling reels, top shot, leaders and lures in the event of gear loss.

Deposits and Bookings:

A 25% Deposit is required to confirm bookings for the period specified. The balance is payable prior to the commencement of the charter. Deposits are non refundable, if the charter cannot proceed because of weather conditions an alternative booking will be offered. If the alternative booking date cannot be filled because of factors beyond Cerveza Charters control then a refund of the deposit will be made within 7 days of that date.

If a charter cannot proceed because of mechanical or technical problems then the deposit will be refunded immediately. Once a charter has commenced the full price for the trip is payable, if the charter is terminated within the specified period because of deteriorating weather, sickness or injury to any member of the charter group the full price remains payable as per the booking. If the trip is shortened due to technical difficulties or due to factors at the control or discretion of Cerveza Charters Ltd then the balance of the Charter will be refunded pro-rata as per the schedule.

The vessel operates in a potentially hostile environment. The judgment of the crew overrides the requirements of the client at all times. The Skippers decision is final with respect to the safe operation of the vessel and it is a condition of the booking that the client accepts the skipper’s decisions with respect to safety.